How many pictures can a 32GB memory card hold? – Quick answer!

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Because you wouldn’t ask “How many pictures can a 32GB memory card hold?” without knowing the size of the photos, the answers in this blog are going to be extremely conservative estimates. To help answer that question quickly, here’s a quick graph for various card sizes based on a 13MB picture file.

SD Card SizeNumber of Pictures, 90%-100% of full Capacity

*These numbers are estimates based on a 13MB picture file size
assuming a 90%-100% perfect capacity of the memory card; rounded down.

We also wrote a more in depth blog that covers this question with a little more nuance. You can read that by clicking here!

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The Perfect Formula

How did we come to those numbers? Conceptually, storage is simple math. Take the total space available, then divide it by the average size of the pictures you are filling it with. In a controlled environment and the same units of measure, you end up with the numbers listed above.

32GB x 1,024 / 13MB = 2,520 pictures

This is a perfect simulation of how many pictures you can fit on a 32GB memory card. Most memory cards only hold a large percentage of what they declare. The 32GB SD Card I tested for this blog has a max capacity of 29.6GB. When talking about a camera, most cameras take a portion of the card to save settings, metadata, and folder structure. So, you will have fewer pictures total. But this gives you a more accurate number if you were to use a drive as a repository for photos from your computer.

So how many photos can a 32GB memory card hold?

I hope you come to the conclusion that although somewhere around 2,000 is the answer, the true answer is more nuanced than that. Fortunately, most cameras will tell you at the top of the rear display how many pictures you have left! The best way to find out how many pictures a 32GB memory card can hold is to load up a card and find out.

What Size Memory Card Do You Need?

#1: Card Size

The card size you need is based on the file size and number of your photos. The bigger your files are, the fewer photos you can store on the drive. The more photos you want to store on the drive, the smaller the file size will need to be. So, if you know you have a nice camera, consider upgrading your storage size to give you flexibility with the amount of pictures you can take. You don’t want to get stuck on vacation with a maxed-out SD card.

#2: Card Speed

For most cameras, UHS-I, Class 10, and V30 ratings will be perfect. Your camera manufacturer or even the camera itself will recommend it if you need a speed upgrade to UHS-II or V60/V90.

#3: Buy Wholesale!

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