Preloading and Duplicating

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Buying Flashdrive and SD Card Accessories in Bulk

Our preloading and duplicating services provide a great opportunity to present your vision to many people using memory cards and USB flash drives.

Memory mediums are customizable and affordable for spreading information. Custom content from a PDF-style ebook to a website landing page or a visually stunning photo or video presentation with a powerful sales pitch can all be preloaded onto portable media. You can send your next sales promotion or marketing campaign viral with unlimited customized media. Content is limited only by the size of the memory card or flash drive you select for delivery. Custom preload options can even be used to distribute software to clients.

Opportunities for preloading memory cards and flash drives include:

Sales presentations – your PowerPoint slide deck is easily accessed from the storage device with no online access necessary
Prospects can view image-rich product catalogues – even hundreds of pages – with a plug-and-play flash drive
Sales, promotional, or informational PDF brochures, white papers, or case studies are easily preloaded in bulk
Visual imagery from still photos to high-end video is easily distributed
New product or software launch? Load details onto flash drives faster and have them delivered directly to your location
Deliver in person powerful information at tradeshows to complement printed materials
Provide consistent, updated training materials to new employees or clients
Promote anything you want with a digital press kit to get noticed
Stand out in the networking crowd with an information-packed digital business card

Preloading content onto memory cards or flash drives allows you to control how people receive information you provide. Preloaded files can be locked in a protected CD-ROM partition. A computer reads this section on the portable media as data that can’t be deleted. Saving or formatting won’t overwrite the data.

You can also customize a business logo or design that replaces the default drive icon. This keeps your promotion in front of anyone who uses the drive.

We accept data for preloading in various forms to make sending us information a simple process. You determine the format of all data to be preloaded, such as PDF, MP4, MP3, etc.

Send data to us by forwarding an online link to download information. Combine all information into a Zip folder containing all necessary data. Information less than 10 MB in size can be emailed to one of our sales consultants. Information too large to download or email can be saved onto a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive and mailed to our offices at:

Everything But Stromboli LLC
1350 New Danville Pike
Suite C
Lancaster PA, 17603.

Our duplicating services allow you to copy information onto memory cards or USB flash drives to focus on a targeted distribution or send out in mass quantities. You choose the style and size of the storage media and we provide cost-effective bulk duplication.

Our goal is to help you increase brand awareness. We can print custom artwork, like your logo or contact information, on the device itself with our customized products service. We have the resources to preload and duplicate multiple memory cards or flash drives at once, saving you time you can devote to growing your business.

Contact our customer service for ordering details and pricing or to learn more about our packaging and fulfillment solutions for bulk preloading or duplicating memory cards or USB flash drives.