Customized Products

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Customized Products

Increase brand awareness–get your name recognized–with custom labelled memory cards or flash drives. We help you do this by printing your business logo or contact information onto memory cards and USB drives. It’s a customized way to promote your brand with a useful tool for customers that keeps your information literally at their fingertips.

We specialize in private labeling and can work with your team to project your business image in the best way possible.

Combining private labeling with preloading marketing content – our other specialty – showcases your brand and information to more prospects and customers.

Our memory cards are from the top manufacturers in the business and provide reliable storage. Add your private label to any card – secure digital (SD), micro SD, or compact flash (CF). Select each card with storage capacity small or large to fit your preloaded data needs and marketing budget.

Custom labelled products create a unique presentation compared to your competitors. Your logo or marketing information stands out from the crowd like no other. The brand and information is easily recognized by prospects or clients not expecting such a subtle promotion.

We can also customize your memory and flash drives to target different types of customers. Or match different types of labels with different sized cards or USB drives. The practical use of the cards by customers provides an ongoing positive image of your business, bringing people back for more.

We specialize in helping our customers get the most value for the cost through bulk pricing on memory cards and flash drives. That also applies to our custom labelling service–customize in bulk and save. We work together with all customers to develop an individualized plan for branded memory cards ordered in the right quantities at the best price. This allows you to spread the word about your brand and ideas to a wider audience.

We are priced competitively across the market in order to help our customers maintain their budget when they need multiple flash drives or memory cards. We understand you want the best quality products for promoting your company, so we deliver top quality service and products every day.

Fees for all customized memory cards and flash drives start as low as $0.15 per piece. Memory cards are provided with a sticker with branding, logo, or design provided by the customer. Labelling for USB flash drives is printed on the flash drive with brand ID, name, or other text of your choice.

With a promotional investment, it’s good to protect private labeled memory cards with plastic jewel cases. We offer these in any quantity to match your branded card order. We also have options for memory card wallets and memory card readers you may offer to exceptional clients.

Contact us today for pricing and ordering details for any SD, micro SD, or CF memory card or even USB 2.0, 3.0, or 3.1 drives. You can also find out more about bulk preloading or duplicating memory cards or USB flash drives.