Private Label Customization

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Put My Logo On SanDisk/Other Brands?

Since they are already branded/trademarked we wouldn’t be able to offer branded cards for customization. We can, however sell them to you as is and you can choose to customize them further for your own use! We can place a sticker on a plastic jewel case and keep the original brand (such as SanDisk) intact, which some customers prefer as an option. 

2.) What Is The Lead Time For Customization?

This varies based on quantity and customization.  Typically for Flash Drives with a logo takes about 2-3 weeks from the time you approve your proof.  For SD cards with a sticker, it is usually 2-3 weeks.

3.) What is price to customize?

For flash drives, we will build that into the quote, so it varies based on size and quantity.  For SD card labels, it is $120 up front to get 2,000 labels/stickers (we can save any surplus for future orders), and then a 10 cent application fee per case it goes on.

4.) Do You Offer Preloading?

Yes, we do offer this service!  We charge 15 cents per GB of data that we are preloading.  Typically if it is over 4GB we build out a customized quote to keep your pricing down.

5.) What is the return policy?

We can replace any defective customized units up to 1 year after purchase.  If they are not defective, we cannot accept returns on customized units.

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