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Buying Flashdrive and SD Card Accessories in Bulk
Accessories to think about when purchasing bulk SD cards or USB drives in bulk are things like cases, adapters, readers, and wallets. USB and SD card accessories are essentials and can alleviate a lot of your or your team’s stress. SD and microSD cards are more fragile than USB drives due to the exposed connection points. Plastic jewel cases are the easiest way to manage protecting a small number of cards. If you are working with multiple cards, more storage may make more sense like that of an SD card wallet. Replacement jewel cases and backup adapters are always a good idea when working with SD cards. It can even be beneficial to have more than one memory card reader just in case you tend to forget one or need to read or write multiple cards data simultaneously. Many people dedicate specific flash drives and SD cards to a given task, project, or file type. If this sounds like you, a wallet will create more organization to easily navigate your storage devices and find that which you are looking for. No matter the storage device you are working with, it is best to have a protective case and utilize adapters and card readers properly to ensure your files do not become corrupted. Browse our accessories and purchase them in bulk at discounted pricing for quantities of 10 – 50 – 100 – 500 – 1000.