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Considerations When Buying Bulk Flash Drives
When looking to buy bulk flash drives there is always a few things to consider.

What brand of usb drive are you attempting to buy at wholesale prices? Are you looking for Sandisk thumb drives, Kingston or Samsung memory sticks or are you looking for Everything But Stromboli drives? I imagine you either decided or are open to the various brands available to purchase.

Common USB Sizes

The next step to consider is the size. You can find memory devices for all storage sizes. The most common size of bulk memory drives are 8gb, 16gb, and 32gb flash drives. Although those are the most common sizes used by the public we do carry larger USB drives of 64gb and 128gb drives in bulk as well. Unfortunately, we do not carry the following sizes for flash drives: 4gb, 2gb, 1gb, 500mb or 512mb, 256mb, 128mb, 64mb. This is because technology has increased and with it pricing has decreased making every gig of data cheaper. Be sure to check out our USB 2.0 drives and USB 3.0 drives.

USB Drives Wholesale Cost Scaling

The larger the order the cheaper the price, bulk purchases do have their perks. The cost per drive decreases as the quantity increases, that’s the way wholesales work. Bulk buying is common for companies to use internally but many buy flash drives in bulk for promotional purposes as well for events like conferences and giveaways to send their loyal clients or members as gifts either as blank drives or loaded with bonus content and other virtual gifts. It’s these customized uses that add a personalized experience for those that receive a drive. Photographers often create a custom pack where they provide digital images on drives that were or weren’t printed for clients.

Where to Buy Wholesale USB Drives

Yes, you can order drives from Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart when a sale hits for 1, 2 or 4 drives. These will be fairly cheap due to the sale but not worthwhile if you want to buy 100, 1,000 or 10,000 at a time. Now you won’t find USB drives for $1 and we don’t carry wooden drives but we like to think the Everything But Stromboli logo will become a point of trust for you and your company.

Keep these factors in the back of your mind when looking where to buy USB flash drives in bulk.

Are you looking for a specific branded flash drive?
What size flash memory storage do you want?
How many USB drives are you looking for?
Those are the three main factors to consider when placing a bulk memory drive purchase. Remember, it’s not all about the cheapest USB flash drives but finding the ones that best suit your needs. In case you were wondering, we do ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, you can always give us a call to get a quote on estimated shipping to other parts of the world.