Best Memory Cards for GoPro Hero 12 Black

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The new GoPro Hero 12 Black is out for the public to purchase. The GoPro takes a MicroSD card; we’ve selected 6 MicroSD cards that will work great with your GoPro. Here is the top 6 list of best memory cards for GoPro.

Top 6 Best Memory Cards for GoPro

These are our top picks for your GoPro Hero 12 Black.

Our Top 6 – The Reasons

The GoPro line has always used MicroSD cards, so obviously, we hand picked some of our best and brightest MicroSD cards for this selection. What memory cards work best with GoPro’s? The GoPro Hero 12 Black can record up to 5.3K at 60fps doing 120mbps in H.265. It also now comes standard with GoPro’s Enduro battery for extra video recording time. Taking these two things into consideration, to get the maximum performance from your new action camera you will need SIZE and SPEED.

We picked our 5 recommendations with 6 reasons in mind: Value per Dollar, High GB Option, GoPro Toughness, The Competition, Overall Winner, and The Budget Option.

Value per Dollar

It’s a little cliche to say but I myself use the 128GB Azaire card in my GoPro Hero 8, and it’s been in there since before I worked at EBS. The pricepoint can’t be beat and the quality is just as good. If you’re looking for a solid card at a cheaper price definitely consider the Azaire line.

Richard Garrish

Without question the 128GB Azaire is going to be your best Value per Dollar when it comes to size of the card and speed of the card. The 128GB Azaire is a U3 memory card that can hold an estimated 340 minutes of 4K footage. The UHS-1 speed is fast enough for any current (2022) GoPro model. These include GoPro Hero 12 Black and GoPro Max 360 camera. Additionally, all EBS products come with a 1 year guarantee. On top of that, Azaire MicroSD cards come with an SD adapter for an easy computer transfer experience.

High GB Option

Fun fact, SanDisk Extreme is the only MicroSD card that GoPro themselves sell in their accessory kits. Now, they only sell the 32GB model, which is way too small. Our recommendation for a large capacity MicroSD card to pair with your new GoPro action camera is the 1TB version of the SanDisk Extreme. 1TB of storage will last as long as anything you need to film. It will likely outlast all of your extra batteries too! The SanDisk Extreme is endorsed by GoPro themselves, so you know it will work at any resolution and bitrate on any of their cameras. The v30, A2, and U3 ratings guarantee fast transfer speeds. In addition to the 1TB, EBS sells the full range of this memory card lineup. So, if 1TB isn’t the size you need, we sell the whole range of Extreme products.

GoPro Toughness – GoPro Memory Cards

It would be a shame to not include this MicroSD Card in our selection. The 256GB SanDisk Max Endurance is perfect for the GoPro because it matches it’s toughness. Well named, the Max Endurance memory card is designed for maximum use. The Max Endurance card can withstand significantly more read/write uses than a normal MicroSD Card. It also has extended temperature operation and durability. Beyond all the additional ruggedness, this MicroSD card is a V30, U3, UHS-1 memory card that is perfect for all the GoPro resolutions and bitrates. The 256GB size offers a large amount of storage for lengthy recording or long days of filming.

The Competition

Samsung is most likely the world leader in quality flash storage. Many PC builders view Samsung SSDs as the top of the line in memory storage. The 512GB Samsung Pro Plus is no joke. This is a serious MicroSD Card. Although the price tag puts this memory card at the highest dollar per gigabyte of the non-endurance focused selection, it boasts a serious reliability standard with its performance package. This card is water-proof, temperature-proof, x-ray-proof, magnet-proof, drop-proof, and wearout-proof according to Samsung’s website. It also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty! Working at 160/120MB/s read/write speed, the Pro Plus is a fantastic card for your GoPro.

Overall Winner – GoPro Memory Cards

Our top recommendation for the best MicroSD Card to pair with your new GoPro action camera is the 512GB SanDisk Extreme Pro. The Extreme Pro is the more powerful model of the already incredible Extreme line of SanDisk products. Guaranteed to offer blistering speeds to completely satisfy your high bit rate, high resolution GoPro Hero Black, it is also 512GB, which is a comfortable amount of storage to work with. Newly updated, the Extreme Pro ratings guarantee the fastest transfer speed for the best GoPro MicroSD Card option. EBS also sells the full range of this memory card too! The 512GB Extreme Pro MicroSD Card is the perfect memory card for your new GoPro.

The Budget Option – GoPro Memory Cards

While we wouldn’t normally recommend the 64GB Azaire model for a new model GoPro, it certainly will still work. Like the larger, 256GB version, the Azaire is a great card that has a fast transfer speed for GoPro cameras. The downside? Well, because it’s 64GB, it will hold significantly less when filming at 5.3K 60fps in the 120mbps mode. At 120mbps, the 64GB card will fill up in just over an hour of filming. However, the 64GB Azaire will perform perfectly during that hour! If you are looking to save some money and know that you won’t need the added flexibility of a larger card, this is your budget hero.