The 3 ways you can use customized flash memory

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Everything But Stromboli offers 3 ways to customize flash memory and promote your business. Preloading, Duplication, and Label Customization are ways we frequently help customers make the most out of their purchases. And on top of it all, we offer bulk pricing on all our services!

Watch this short video for quick information about our services.


EBS offers a preloading service to companies, businesses, and individuals that can benefit from having data on their memory card when it arrives. As an example, our customers use our preloading service to have operating systems imaged on MicroSD cards when they arrive. Using this service will save you and your company time and money. After a $0.15/card unpackaging fee, there is a unified pricing scheme as listed below.

  • 0GB-8GB: $0.15 per GB
  • 8GB-15GB: $1.20 per card
  • 16GB-31GB: $1.80 per card
  • 32GB+: $2.50 per card

Preloading your Flash Drives, SD Cards or MicroSD cards offers countless advantages. We can save you time, money, safety from making potential errors, and because we offer orders in bulk, we can save you shipping costs as well. You can read more information on preloading on our website!


Using the duplication service is a great way of having your data spread and shared to your clientelle. You can save so much time by having us do your data duplication. We use a state of the art duplicator to quickly copy information across all of the products in your order. Because we use such a great system, and depending on the size requested to be duplicated, we can duplicate over 60 cards an hour! Some frequent uses for duplication from our current customers are training course materials, school curriculum for at home learning, promotional and marketing material, and catalogues or product brochures.

The duplication process is easy to go through. After contacting a member of our sales team and purchasing the flash memory, you’ll send the files you want on those drives. Then, we’ll provide you with a timeline on when you can expect your duplication to be finished. Your Flash Drives, SD cards, or MicroSD cards will be ready to go as soon as they arrive! You can save your company time and money by choosing the duplication service.

After a $0.15/card unpackaging fee, there is a unified pricing scheme as listed below.

  • 0GB-8GB: $0.15 per GB
  • 8GB-15GB: $1.20 per card
  • 16GB-31GB: $1.80 per card
  • 32GB+: $2.50 per card

You can read more information on preloading on our website!

Label Customization

Businesses can benefit greatly from custom branding on their flash memory! Our customization service includes Flash Drives, SD cards, and MicroSD Cards. First, you’ll contact one of our team members about your interest with custom flash memory. After you choose and purchase the product, we will ask for you to provide us with what you want to appear on your drives! Typically, companies go with their logo or branding, but we accept images and artwork in a variety of formats. Our team will put together a draft to send to you for proofing, and after approval we will start printing!

We work with businesses, individuals, brands, and more to help promote and organize personalized flash memory. Customization is great for brand recognition, memorable marketing, and standing out from competition! Customization is also great for morale! You can use customization to give employees their information on branded flash drives, or use it to mark what SD cards are yours.

For SD Cards and MicroSD Adapters we have a minimum label order of 2,000 labels for $120. Although we have a minimum label order, we do not have a minimum product order. So for example, if you wanted 300 SD Cards, you would order 2,000 labels and we would label 300 cards and hold on to the remaining 1,700 labels for your next order! For MicroSD Cards we usually brand the SD adapter with the sticker instead of the card itself. However, we also offer MicroSD card printing directly onto the card itself!

For MicroSD printing and customized Flash Drives, reach out to one of our sales team members to get specific pricing, we would love to help you customize flash memory.

Our Services

The services we offer to your business are available to anyone wanting to get more out of their flash memory order. Being able to customize flash memory is just the beginning. Single, bulk, or wholesale orders are treated with the highest importance by our staff during every step of the process. Our growing selection of flash memory products is available 24/7 on our website, and personal service is available during regular business hours.