Why Trending Sales Aren’t The Answer.

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/ˈhäləˌdā/ noun a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.

Holidays are now trending, and not because we all love spending time with our loved ones, or staying home from work (although those are perks of any holiday). No, for businesses, the holiday’s are the PERFECT time to run a sale. This is because there is an innate need to shop during the holidays. Thus demand is met with supply. In this case, the supply is rendered in the way of discounts, sales, special offers, and giveaways.

When the opportunity to save on an item comes, we rarely pass it up – especially on items we’ve already planned to purchase. The price point is often what drives sales and consumer decisions – which is something we understand and prioritize. 

When You Shop EBS.

Here at Everything But Stromboli, we strive to bring you the leading brands in the industry for the most competitive and unbeatable prices. We are working to make an impact in the lives of our customers. Every day you’re matched with our best offers, NOT JUST ON A FEW SELECT “holiday sales” but EVERY DAY. We’re able to offer you our best possible prices with no strings attached, giving you even greater discounts when your order increases and qualifies for bulk pricing. 

What Is Wholesale and Why Should It Matter To Me?

To understand our pricing, you should first understand the term wholesale. Wholesale is a term used to describe the purchasing process between distributor and retailer [us]. Once a product is purchased wholesale from a distributor, it is standard business practice to inflate those prices to receive maximum profit. This is especially important to note when you approach all of those great sales you shop during the holidays. An example of this is when you receive a coupon for 20% Off. Let’s say you want to purchase a shirt that costs $29.99, your coupon will decrease the retail price to $23.99. The truth is, the wholesale price of that shirt is realistically in the ballpark of 12.99 which is an $11.00 difference. If that retailer can offer you that shirt for the wholesale price of $12.99, the impact of that 20% sale would increase greatly. 

When you purchase from Everything But Stromboli you are getting the product you need, at the best possible price. We don’t inflate our prices simply to lower them for a holiday sale and we don’t have a limit on your possible savings. When you choose to buy more products we extend a bulk pricing discount [which is displayed on each product page] giving you even more savings! 

Does this mean you don’t have sales?

Absolutely not! We at Ebs value our customers and often want to show our appreciation for your loyalty as a continued and even new customer. We are always seeking to better our business and your customer experience. Let us know how we’re doing and leave a review of our products and your overall shopping experience. Because it’s not only important that you save, but that you are satisfied.