Top 3 Best SD Cards for Sony ZV-E1

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Some YouTube reviewers are already calling it the near perfect vlogging camera. The Sony ZV-E1 is the most recent camera product from Sony. It boasts 4K video, a 12 megapixel sensor, and a flip-out screen. But what makes this camera special is that it is a compact camera body with a full frame sensor! A first for Sony. Similiar setup to the Sony A7Siii but with a smaller camera body, like the a6000 series. With the high quality video and pictures coming from this camera you will need a good SD card to store your media. Consider storage size and especially speed to take advantage of your new camera. These are our recommended SD Cards for Sony ZV-E1.

Best All Around SD Card for Sony ZV-E1

Our top recommendation is the SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II SD card. The best card for the Sony ZV-E1 is a UHS-II SD card. That’s becuase there are some features on this camera that only work with UHS-II speeds. That’s not to say you can’t use it with other memory cards that are UHS-I, but if you want the full quality of some high frame rate video codec modes you’ll need UHS-II. We have a helpful blog on the difference between UHS-I and UHS-II. EBS sells 3 storage sizes, we recommend the 128GB for max file storage since you will be making large video files.

Best for Photography

We recommend the SanDisk Extreme and Extreme Pro line for the Sony ZV-E1. When talking about photography you don’t need the same speeds as video. All 4 of these cards will work perfectly for the 12 megapixel still photos you’ll take even at the Hi+ interval. Although EBS recommends the 256GB SanDisk Extreme SD Card for the Sony ZV-E1, we suggest you look at your use case and determine if you need more storage with the 512GB or the 1TB.

Cost Effective SD Cards for ZV-E1

Save money on your SD Cards for your Sony ZV-E1 by buying Kingston SD Cards from EBS. The Kingston Canvas Select Plus is a great memory card for the price. Save more than $20 by using the 512GB Kingston Canvas Select Plus SD Card with your Sony ZV-E1. Kingston has really done a lot recently to compete with SanDisk and Samsung products. Although there are some features you won’t be able to use with these cards, because they are UHS-I like the Extreme and Extreme Pro UHS-I cards, most users will not notice a difference. You can still use 4K video modes, you can still use all 12 megapixels of your still photography, and you can still save money while doing so!

Buy SD Cards From the Best

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