Western Digital Server Breach Leads to SanDisk Product Shortages and Price Hikes

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Western Digital, a leading global data storage technology company, recently provided information on a network security incident in a statement released on April 2, 2023 (source: Business Wire). The incident has raised concerns about potential product shortages and price increases for SanDisk products, a popular brand of Western Digital. This will not effect other competing brands like Kingston, Samsung, and PNY.

According to the statement, Western Digital’s investigation into the incident revealed that some of their systems were compromised by unauthorized access, potentially resulting in the theft of certain source code files and other intellectual property. While the company has taken measures to mitigate the impact of the incident and is working diligently to restore operations, the repercussions may still be felt in the market.

As a result, the incident has led to disruptions in the SanDisk product supply chain and production processes, which has caused product shortages and price increases for SanDisk branded products. This will affect consumers who rely on SanDisk products for their data storage needs, including memory cards like SD, MicroSD, USB drives, and solid-state drives (SSDs).

However, a recent statement (April 13, 2023) leads us to believe that Western Digital has resumed full operation and SanDisk products are starting to ship again. It would appear Western Digital is committed to fulfilling customer orders to the best of their ability. This indicates that the company is taking steps to address the situation and minimize the impact on customers.

It’s important to remember that this does not suggest any potential issues with other brands like Kingston, Samsung, and PNY, which are competitors to SanDisk in the data storage market. Customers may have alternative options from these brands if they face difficulties in obtaining SanDisk products due to the incident.

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