SD Cards for Trail Cameras

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These are the best SD Cards for trail cameras, like Browning, Tactacam, Bushnell, SpyPoint, Stealth Cam, and Cuddeback. When you are shopping for a new trail camera you look at features that are important to you. Image resolution/quality, trigger speed, cellular connectivity or not, sensitivity range, and LED flash glow. These are the top decision-making specifications that go into choosing a new trail cam. For those of you that just want to know what cards you should buy, use the link below.

But now that you’ve bought your trail cam there’s another decision that you need to make. Choosing an SD Card to store your photos and videos is your next step. Whether you are buying for your own trail cams or buying to bundle/sell in your store for your customers, you have to pick the right card.

We came up with a list of SD Cards that meet requirements from popular trail camera manufacturers. A lot of these trail cameras will take the same SD Card, which is great if you are stocking for a retail store! After a lot of research, here’s what we found.

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SD Cards for Browning Trail Cameras

Browning sells their own SD Cards, or rather SD Cards with their logo on them. The benefit is you know you are getting a card that works. The drawback is that you’re paying a premium (double the cost!!) for a card with the manufacturer’s logo on it. What SD Cards work with Browning Trail Cameras?

Browning lists on their website that all of their cards are Class 10 cards. All this means is that the cards have a minimum write speed of 10MB/s. This tells us that their cameras don’t have very high write speeds, so we have plenty of options for cards that will work well with your Browning Trail Cameras. Browning says their cameras can take 8GB-512GB cards, but here are three card options I recommend.

These three SD Cards are hand picked for Browning trail cameras. All three of these cards are Class 10. If you are looking for a lower end, inexpensive memory card, and don’t need as large of a volume of space, the 16GB EBS memory card is perfect. Browning sells a 32GB and a 64GB memory card, so we included a 32GB Ultra and a 64GB Extreme. Chances are, the 32GB Ultra SD Card is your best option. It is reliable quality with the speed and size for the average Browning trail camera. The 64GB Extreme is a little higher end and offers a faster speed and size for the 4K Browning cameras. All 3 of these memory cards come in varying GB sizes if you like a particular card in a different storage size.

SD Cards for Tactacam Trail Cameras

Tactacam has recently switched over to a higher bit rate video. What this means is that you will need a faster SD Card to keep up with the data recording from the camera. We’ve had a lot of success recommending cards that are Class 10 and U3 rated. Cards with a U3 rating have a minimum write speed of 30MB/s, which is 3x faster than the Class 10 minimum. Tactacam Reveal X cameras need cards that are Class 10 and U3 rated to work the best. They also have a file storage limitation. Tactacam says you cannot use SD cards that are less than 16GB or more than 32GB. If you are using the Reveal SK, you can only use a 32GB card. What SD cards to use with Tactacam trail cameras?

All of these SD Cards are Class 10 and U3 rated for Tactacam cameras. The SanDisk Extreme cards are the most popular for Tactacam because of their price and storage availability. However, Tactacam’s website recommends the Extreme Pro line. Although both product lines come in sizes up to 1TB, Tactacam cameras have a 32GB limitation. Tactacam charges $19.99 for their private label SD card. We did the research so you can be sure of your decision and save 50% on your next memory card.

SD Cards for Bushnell Trail Cameras

Bushnell is better known for optics like scopes and range finders. But, they also have a large following for their trail cameras. Bushnell doesn’t sell an overpriced memory card for their cameras yet. So, the good news is that they have very clearly stated on their website what they recommend! Bushnell suggests you use a memory card that is Class 10 and U1 but no larger than 32GB. This gives the consumer great flexibility with your SD Card purchase. Here are the products we recommend for Bushnell trail cameras:

All four of these memory cards fit the description from Bushnell. Depending on your storage size, speed, and budget, you can select any of the cards from this list. Depending on the location for your trail camera or the frequency you wish to check the memory card will determine what storage size you want to go with. The SanDisk Ultra is a very popular card for this Bushnell trail cam.

SD Cards for SpyPoint Trail Cameras

There are several SpyPoint trail camera models. Some of the cellular models take a MicroSD Card, but most of the regular trail cameras take a full-sized SD Card. Know what kind of trail cam model you are buying for so you don’t get the wrong card. The model list below is accurate as of 01/16/23.



Additionally, some cameras can take up to 512GB of storage while others are limited to 32GB. SpyPoint recommends limiting your memory to 32GB. Look on the SpyPoint website to see what model you have and what its memory card limits are. What MicroSD Card works with SpyPoint Trail Cameras?

There are plenty of options to choose from. Just remember to start by looking at your camera model’s requirements. All of these memory cards are Class 10 or above, giving you the most flexibility with compatibility.

SD Cards for Stealth Cam Trail Cameras

Researching Stealth Cam’s memory card requirements was a bit tricky. They don’t list requirements anywhere. But, they do sell an overpriced 16GB and a 32GB Class 10 SD Card on their website. And a lot of their cards support up to 32GB of memory with their 4K cameras going up to 128GB. Keep this in mind when shopping for an SD Card for your Steam Cam trail cameras. Do not buy the wrong card, look up what your camera can take before ordering. But, if you want to play it safe, stick to 32GB and below. What SD cards work with your Stealth Cam trail camera?

The SanDisk Ultra 16GB SD Card is all you need for a 1080p Stealth Cam trail camera. However, if you want to double the storage, the SanDisk Extreme 32GB is the way to go. And our recommendation for the 4K Stealth Cam trail cam is to go with the SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro. You aren’t messing around by going with 4K, so your memory card shouldn’t mess around either. There are varying GB storage sizes for all of these cards.

SD Cards for Cuddeback Trail Cameras

Cuddeback made the CuddeLink system, which is brilliant. This saves you money on your cell plan. According to a Cuddeback support article, they claim any card that is 2GB to 32GB will work in their camera. We have found this to not always be the case. When talking with Cuddeback trail camera users, the most successful cards have been the higher quality, Class 10 U3 memory cards. Although you could probably get away with any SDHC card, we recommend these SD Cards for your Cuddeback trail cams:

When it comes to reliability, no one does it in the memory card space like SanDisk. These cards are the most frequently purchased SD Cards from our research for Cuddeback cameras.

Not using a Cellular Trail Camera?

Most of the trail cam space has gone over to cellular. And this is a great step forward in the trail camera industry. Unless you already have 30 perfectly working trail cameras out in action. Or maybe you are a retail store owner looking for another tool to market to your patrons to help with their trail camera experience.

You can go on Amazon right now and find this style of product or similar for 3x the minimum cost! Chances are your customer’s computer doesn’t have a memory card reader on it. This is the perfect companion to a new trail cam and SD Card.

Buy in Bulk!

At Everything But Stromboli, it’s our goal to offer you products at prices that will benefit the service you bring your customers. Providing your patrons with a memory card when they buy a new trail camera at your store is a great way to give your customer that 5 star experience. You can be a one-stop-shop for customers buying a trail camera by ordering SD Cards for their trail cams in bulk! Save on all of these memory cards with our wholesale pricing, and bulk discounts.

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