EBS Has Partnered With The Carbon Fund!

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As awareness spreads about how humans are contributing to the long-term degradation of the environment through man-made pollution and carbon emission, Everything But Stromboli felt it was important to begin making significant efforts in the way of reducing our environmental impact. We believe that all businesses should be working together to prioritize and actively work to improve the environment. 

Everything But Stromboli LLC fulfills multiple business and personal orders for flash memory. From single order sales to bulk/wholesale orders, we offer an array of products in flash memory such as memory cards and flash drives.

One of the important values for the Everything But Stromboli team is giving back.  Steve and Patti Foley (the owners) donate a significant portion of their income to Compassion International, who through child sponsorships provide quality resources, care, and education for families in poverty throughout the world.  Other employees enjoy volunteering their time to various local organizations including United Way, Young Life, Church World Service, and Children Deserve a Chance Foundation.

While this is all meaningful work, we realize that without a thriving and healthy planet, much of our humanitarian efforts can be thwarted and upended by unnecessary natural disasters and environmental consequences for global warming. 

We understand that although we are not wildly affected by the major changes taking place on the earth, less privileged and more rural communities in our country, around the world, and many of the communities we serve globally are. We acknowledge the lack of education and resources in impoverished communities, specifically those communities of color and we hope that our efforts and future volunteer work will help aid in the growth and development of those communities as well. 

Taking extra steps to reuse shipping boxes whenever possible and shipping with recycled mailing supplies whenever possible is just one of the ways EBS is committed to eliminating waste. While making sure to recycle the waste we cannot use is time-consuming on the fulfillment end, we must take this step to do our part as both a business and as consumers. 

Much of the waste and emissions we do still use through our operation will now be offset by the efforts taking place through the Carbon Fund. This is why we have officially joined the CarbonFree small business partnership program. This partnership will allow us to educate ourselves and others on the importance of carbon neutrality, forestry, and renewable energy. 

If fossil fuels are not replaced by in large we could be looking at a vastly different world than the one we once knew. As a family-owned business, we hope that we can do our part to preserve this earth for our children and their children’s children.