A Few Quick Tips To Improve The Life of Memory Cards

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It’s common for people to toss their memory card into a camera bag and just let it sit in their vehicle on a cold day, or take it on vacation through a humid rain forest exhibit, without a thought. However, it’s a little known fact that doing things like this can actually decrease the life span of that critical card holding all of your life’s memories.

We thought we’d put together some quick tips to keep in mind when handling those precious plastic storage squares.

Just Be Nice To It

First, and this one is obvious to some, don’t treat your cards like a piece of plastic. Even though they are small, they are actually high-end electronics.

There are many microscopic elements to a memory card or flash drive that once damaged, aren’t able to be fixed.

Insert them gently and straight, don’t bend them, don’t yank on it.  Be nice.

Wrap It Up & Keep It Clean

Dust and dirt are one of the biggest factors in memory cards losing their effectiveness. Always keep your card stored in the case it came with, and keep it away from dusty situations. Don’t just throw the card in your drawer or your camera case.

Water & Memory Cards Don’t Mix

Memory cards themselves are NOT water proof. Yet, it’s incredibly common to hear about people putting them in their pocket, without water proof protection, and heading into the ocean. If you’ve got a quality waterproof device that the card is in, you should be fine. We’re talking about having them loose, or even in their case, and getting in the water. This includes the rain too – as well as spills from drinks from your morning coffee.

If you do end up getting your cards wet, here’s a great “how to” that Sumona put together on how she got her data back.

Keep Them Away From Magnetic Fields

Ya know what’s in common with many car cell phone mounts, computer speakers, and refrigerators? Magnets.

Magnets are capable of destroying the data on any memory device just like they can any magnetic tape in your 1988 Rock and Roll cassette tape collection.

Stay Monogamous

Memory cards sometimes get weird when they are switched between MP3 players, cameras, computers, etc., without being formatted first.

So, if you can afford it, keep on memory card for each device you need to store information from.  If you are switching around, just format it first

We hope these tips help you to keep your cards operating as efficiently and as long as possible!