Kingston has earned a strong reputation throughout the computing world for producing some of the highest-quality SD cards, micro SD cards, USB flash drives, solid-state drives and other storage products. Launched in 1987, Kingston has enjoyed rapid growth, propelling the company to become the largest independent memory module manufacturer in the industry.

Everything But Stromboli works with customers large and small to provide Kingston memory products. We’re proud to offer pricing that delivers to you individual orders and Kingston wholesale orders at competitive rates. You’ll enjoy using storage products produced by one of the world’s leading flash memory product manufacturers.

Are Kingston Memory Products Reliable?

Everything But Stromboli customers want and expect the highest level of reliability in all their memory card and other storage products. You can be assured that Kingston products—including our SD cards, micro SD cards, USB flash drives and solid-state drives—are built for peak reliability.

Kingston operates world-class manufacturing facilities and is known for exceeding standards, as shown by the many positive customer reviews across all lines, for product quality. We are proud to deliver this same standard in memory products to all our customers purchasing this brand’s memory cards and drives whether individually or in bulk.

When ordering wholesale flash memory cards or bulk USB drives for company use or to give to customers or clients, it’s important that your purchases be of high-quality and reliable products. For these reasons, many choose Kingston memory products to store the ultra-critical data you will use internally in your business or send out to prospects or clients.

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Kingston Flash Memory Products?

Everything But Stromboli makes it simple for you to buy wholesale Kingston products. You’ll save a considerable amount of money when buying wholesale Kingston SD and micro SD cards along with wholesale Kingston USB drives directly from us.

When purchasing these products on Everything But Stromboli, you’ll discover a shopping experience made easy, unlike what you’ll find on Amazon and eBay. These retailers usually ask you to contact the seller directly to negotiate bulk pricing discounts and check whether their inventory is abundant enough to fulfill your order quantity. On Amazon and eBay, you may find packages for three, five or 10 SD cards, but if you need 100 to 10,000 cards, your options may be very limited.

Everything But Stromboli sells Kingston flash memory products in bulk purchase quantities of 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 units for your fundraising, school and business needs. Contact us now to place your wholesale order!

Everything But Stromboli ships to all 50 U.S. states and throughout Canada. Email or call us for quotes on shipping estimates to other countries around the world.

Kingston Memory Product Special Services

Everything But Stromboli’s friendly customer service specialists can answer all your Kingston memory product questions, including those about class, data speed and storage sizes, for example. Our individual order and bulk order services provide the necessary flash memory our customers seek.

Moreover, at Everything But Stromboli, we’re happy to apply our data preloading and flash memory duplicating along with our custom labeling services to bulk orders as needed. We want to simplify your ordering decision on the number and types of products you want delivered.

Kingston Memory Card Uses

Kingston memory cards are used in many devices such as smartphones. Reliability is a key feature of micro SD cards used in smartphones. Advanced technology used in phones today demand high-quality and high-speed memory cards that can support the constant demand for data transfer, photography and video recording. This company’s memory cards are up to the task of meeting these demands.

Kingston cards also enable you to expand your smartphone’s data storage capacity. After all, no one wants to run out of flash memory storage in today’s photo- and video-happy world. No one wants to miss the next great photographic moment while waiting for a memory card to write data, so shoot with confidence using this brand’s memory cards!

Any device needing a boost in storage is a candidate for updated flash memory. Cameras, camcorders, dash cams, GPS devices, medical devices and more all crave more data storage. Kingston memory card products work exceptionally well in all these devices.

Kingston USB Flash Drive Uses
Kingston USB flash drives are widely used in computers and electronic devices and for storing documents, spreadsheets, images and audio and video files. These drives are also referred to as USB drives and flash drives. Kingston USB flash drive uses include writing and transferring files among co-workers, clients and even sharing files with customers or clients or prospective clients.

Customers may consider USB drive read and write speeds as well as storage capacity as key factors before purchasing. At Everything But Stromboli, we can assure you that Kingston USB flash drives meet or exceed all demands in these areas.

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