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SD Class 10

The Secure Digital (SD) Class 10 memory card delivers the speed and storage needed for anyone using devices requiring plenty of digital memory storage.

Class 10 memory cards are a step up from standard versions. These high-speed cards let consumers and professionals collect massive amounts of digital information quickly and securely.

This increase in speed sets SD Class 10 cards apart from the standard Class 4 cards. SD Class 10 memory cards have a minimum write speed of 10 MB per second compared to the lower 4 MB per second for Class 4 cards. Write speed determines the speed at which your digital information, such as a photo, is stored onto the memory card. Increased speed is needed for modern devices like smartphones, cameras, and computer tablets capturing high-quality digital information.

There is a standard labeling system used by memory card manufacturers that designates each card by speed class – 2, 4, 6, or 10 – and storage size in gigabytes (GB). These numbers will be displayed on the label of each memory card. The key to knowing which card to use is determined by these two factors: how you will use the card and which card is best compatible with your digital device. For example, a Class 4, 8 GB card will disappoint while video recording a four-hour lecture compared to a Class 10, 128 GB card. The Class 10 card’s write speed ensures smooth video recording while the 128 GB storage capacity will hold all the digital data.

The storage spaces on modern devices may seem large, but it’s easily filled by the countless pictures and videos these devices can capture. Even the everyday consumer faces challenges with enough memory storage taking photos or recording casual video. This type of digital data requires memory cards that can provide more than average storage capacity.

Class 10 memory cards have storage ranging from 4 GB to 256 GB. Class 10 cards can handle high-resolution HD video recording and many hours of video depending on the card size. Professionals lean on these high-end cards while consumers can take advantage of these cards without breaking the bank.

Along with the storage needs comes the need for data writing speed and replay speed. Class 10 cards can write data into storage and recover or replay that data faster than average SD cards. A high data transfer speed like that of a Class 10 SD card is ideal for modern devices, so you can easily show your friends and coworkers what you captured.

Class 10 SD memory cards provide professional speed and storage capacity for use with any high-end device, like high-definition video recorders or the latest smartphone. We offer bulk purchase discounts on order quantities of 10 – 50 – 100 – 500 – 1,000 memory cards. We also provide bulk preloading, duplicating, and custom labelling to match your brand and distribution needs. Contact us to take advantage of our affordable pricing to ensure you have all the digital memory you will need.