MicroSD Cards for Raspberry Pi 5

Now that you have your Raspberry Pi 5, you need a MicroSD Card. The Best MicroSD Cards for Raspberry Pi 5 are 32GB and up. The Raspberry Pi 5 is UHS-I compatible and can take MicroSD cards 1TB and beyond. The MicroSD card on a Raspberry Pi serves as memory storage for the micro computer. All Raspberry Pi models can be used for teaching students programming, light personal computing, automation or carrying out programmed tasks, and more. A Raspberry Pi can be used for lots of tasks and projects. You can easily expand your Raspberry Pi 5 storage by using the MicroSD card slot on the bottom of the board. These are the best MicroSD Cards for Raspberry Pi 5.

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We did research and discovered these were the best memory cards for the Raspberry Pi 5 and other models. The new Raspberry Pi 5 is the first Pi model to ship with the RP1 controller. There are 2 major models with the only difference being RAM. There is a 4GB and 8GB version of the Raspberry Pi 5. Both models have the same processor, gigabit ethernet port, dual Micro-HDMI ports for two displays, and MicroSD Card slot for the main storage drive. Additionally, there is a PCI express port that you can use for an M.2 SSD. With all the upgraded power of the Raspberry Pi 5, you will likely need to upgrade your power supply to a 5 amp 5 volt supply, and upgrade your storage to 128GB and up.

The Raspberry Pi 5 has a “high-speed SDR104 mode”. At first, you might be confused what this means. High-speed SDR104 mode means “Single Data Rate 104MB/s” and as stated has a bus speed of 104MB/s. This is another way of saying UHS-I.

The best MicroSD Cards to pair with your Raspberry Pi 5 are the SanDisk Extreme and Extreme Pro. The Samsung Evo is also a great option to use with your Raspberry Pi 5. Both brands and models come in a variety of storage sizes that will fit your needs. If you are in search of wholesale pricing MicroSD cards, we offer wholesale pricing with no minimum order quantity and bulk discounts.