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A USB flash drive is one of the most portable and functional digital storage devices on the market today. USB flash drives allow you to store digital files and easily transfer files between devices. The drives are small, affordable, and can be used in a variety of ways, like transferring work files to a home computer or as bulk marketing gifts to clients.

Computer and electronic device users have always been obsessed with “more” and convenience when it comes to digital storage. From their first use, USB portable drives have been popular because of their small size, portability, and because they are much cheaper than stand-alone storage drives.

USB drives don’t have any moving parts or cables and are often called jump drives, pen drives, or thumb drives because they are thin and smaller than a person’s thumb. The don’t need electricity and simply plug into a USB port and connect straight with the receiving device. This makes it easy to transfer files from the portable drive to a laptop where you would be editing documents or formatting photos or video.

USB 2.0 paved the way for fast, easy access to stored digital information almost two decades ago.

The world of Cloud drive storage hasn’t stopped the use of USB 2.0 drives. These flash drives are always portable, affordable, and efficient, with no login or WiFi required.

Without any moving parts and sporting plastic protective shells, USB 2.0 flash drives are sturdy storage options that transfer information at fast speeds. These drives can endure rough handling, even on a keychain, and still “plug and play” into devices with USB ports. USB 2.0 memory sticks can be left sitting for months in a drawer and then recall all data on the drive without fail. No storage drive is perfect, but USB 2.0 is built to last.

USB 2.0 flash drives come in available storage from 4 GB to 128 GB and prices that range from less than a cup of artisan coffee to no more than the price of a movie ticket. Affordable prices make these drives desired as backups for important digital files and commonplace as transfer drives kept in computer bags or as a keychain accessory.

These flash drives come in various storage sizes and are used in devices with a USB 2.0 port. Newer ports for USB 3.0 and 3.1 flash drives are still compatible with the USB 2.0 flash, but the 2.0 will transfer data at a slightly slower rate through the more modern USB ports.

Flash drives can be formatted, used for storage, erased, and reformatted endlessly, much like a computer hard drive. The more prices drop for USB flash drives, the more this storage format pushes CD and DVD storage options to the brink of useless.

USB 2.0 flash drives are used today by most people seeking quick, convenient storage and transfer of digital files. They can be for personal use, office needs, or even branded and pre-loaded with business marketing information. USB 2.0 flash drive users never need to run short. We offer bulk purchase discounts on order quantities of 10 – 50 – 100 – 500 – 1,000 USB drives. Contact us now to find out how we can customize your drives and process your order.