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Best 128GB SD Cards

The most reliable 128GB SD card will likely come from a trusted manufacturer such as SanDisk, Kingston, or Everything But Stromboli. These renowned brands test rigorously and use quality assurance measures to ensure the safety of your data on their storage devices during regular use. The top-performing 128GB SD card will also boast a rapid transfer speed. However, the optimal speed requirement may vary depending on your intended usage. A 128GB SD card can store a respectable amount of data, and transferring such a large volume to and from the card will benefit from a high transfer rate to avoid lengthy wait times. Finally, the best 128GB SD card will typically come with a comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer, providing peace of mind in the event of any functionality issues with your SD card. On top of the manufacturer warranty, at EBS, we also have a return policy you can find here.

128GB SanDisk SD Cards

Our product lineup features an array of 128GB SanDisk SD Cards. The most sought-after model in this capacity is the SanDisk Extreme Pro. Offering a transfer rate of 200MB/s, the 128GB SanDisk Extreme Pro serves as an excellent starting point for various applications, including professional to amateur cameras, trail cameras, medical devices, and manufacturing equipment. For those seeking even faster speeds at an affordable price point, the SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II card, a 300MB/s rated card, is often the preferred choice for cameras or devices that require a certain minimum write speed, such as professional photography and videography gear. The SanDisk Extreme Pro, available in both UHS-I and UHS-II form factors, sits atop the product range. Designed to cater to professionals across diverse fields and industries, the Extreme Pro represents the pinnacle of performance and reliability. The 128GB SD SanDisk Extreme is a slightly slower but still high quality product that offers an even wider range of products it is compatible with. The SanDisk Ultra 128GB SD card is a crowd favorite as well.

128GB Kingston SD Cards

Kingston stands out as a brand that delivers exceptional quality at an affordable price point, without compromising on features or reliability backed by rigorous product testing. From Kingston’s lineup, we proudly offer the Canvas Go! Plus and the Canvas Select Plus models on our website. The Kingston 128GB Canvas Select Plus presents an ideal pairing for most devices, offering a balanced speed performance at an attractive cost per gigabyte ratio. For scenarios where a camera or medical device demands a 128GB SD card with enhanced write speed capabilities, the Kingston 128GB Canvas Go! Plus emerges as the faster solution. Notably, both of these cards carry the U3 rating, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

How Many Photos can a 128GB SD Card Hold

The capacity for photo storage on a 128GB SD card is contingent upon the file size of each individual image. The file size itself is influenced by factors such as the image resolution, file format, and compression level. However, a 128GB SD card typically holds an estimated 34,490 JPG photos or 2,380 RAW photos. Regarding video footage, a 128GB SD card can potentially hold 1,705 minutes of HD video or 340 minutes of 4K video content.

What are the Markings on a 128GB SD Card

A 128GB SD card will feature several key markings that indicate its storage capacity and speed specifications. First thing to note, it will have the SDXC logo, a symbol denoting its storage size is within the range of 64GB to 2TB. Additionally, 128GB SD cards typically display the Class 10 logo, this will look like a ‘C’ with the number ’10’ inscribed within, indicating its speed class. If the card supports video recording, it may also be marked with a Video Speed Class symbol such as V30, V60, or V90, representing the minimum write speed in megabytes per second. Also, the UHS Speed Class will be marked as either U1 or U3, with U3 signifying a higher speed capability. Lastly, the UHS bus speed will be symbolized by a Roman numeral I or II underneath the SDXC logo, with ‘II’ indicating a second row of pins, translating to faster data transfer rates. Read more about the Markings on a 128GB SD Card here.

128GB SD Cards for Careers

Photographers: a 128GB SD card is an invaluable asset, allowing photographers to shoot a whole wedding or event without worrying about running out of storage space. High-resolution photos and RAW files can quickly consume gigabytes of memory, making a high capacity 128GB card an absolute necessity. Gone are the days where you needed to constantly swap out cards mid-shoot. Enjoy the freedom to capture everything without interruption.

Videographers: Video files are very large. High capacity storage is important when working with high bitrate 4K video files. A 128GB SD card gives you the capability to record many hours of high resolution footage without the need for frequent card changes. Regardless of if you’re filming a breathtaking landscape, a family event, or a professional production, this massive storage capacity ensures you will be prepared for anything.

Hunting Experts: Bring your fields to life! Working with a 128GB SD card is a great companion for hunting trail cameras and cell cams. Imagine you are in the middle of hunting season and you run out of storage on your cell camera and it won’t take any new photos or video clips until you replace the card. With a 128GB card, your camera can snap away all season long. Ensure that every animal is tracked and safely stored on a high capacity 128GB SD card.

Data Collections: Whether you have an innumerable amount of fleet vehicles with dash cameras or you are operating and collecting data for traffic patterns, a 128GB SD card is more than enough for hours of data collection. 128GB SD cards are designed with data collection in mind. Use 128GB SD cards in bulk for fleet management systems or traffic data collection. 128GB SD bulk orders save big with bulk discounts on our website.

Get the most out of your 128GB SD card:

  1. Format your card correctly: Proper formatting ensures performance and compatibility with your devices.

A 128GB SD card should be formatted exFAT. This is because FAT32 would not be able to see all 128GB of the drive. You can also use NTFS if you plan to only use it with Windows. Most cameras and devices will require exFAT. If you do not know what method to format your SD Card, we recommend exFAT.

  1. Use a high-speed card: Look for cards with fast read/write speeds to ensure smooth performance for capturing and transferring data.

There are 2 main types of 128GB SD cards, they are UHS-I and UHS-II. If you want more information about the differences between these two, we wrote a helpful article you can find here. However, the main difference is a second set of pins on the UHS-II cards that make it significantly faster. UHS-II cards are usually more expensive as well. You are paying for speed. Which is often helpful.

  1. Handle with care: SD cards are susceptible to physical damage, so treat them gently and avoid excessive bending or exposure to moisture and heat.

When you are transporting your 128GB SD card, we recommend you use a plastic case. This will not protect the card from water damage, x-ray damage, and many other kinds of damage. However, it will protect it from most drops and falls and scratches the card might go through when in a bag or pocket. It will also make the card bigger and easier to find.

  1. Backup your data: While SD cards are reliable, it’s always wise to back up your files to an external hard drive or cloud storage for added security.

In every circumstance, backup your data. There are few things more valuable than data. Protect the data on your 128GB SD card.

With its massive storage capacity, invest in a sizable card to use the strengths of a high capacity SD card today.

Maximize Your Storage with a Massive 128GB SD Card

Data has become the most valuable resource. Joining forces with smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other devices capable of capturing high-resolution photos and videos, the SD Card has become a valuable asset to have on hand. That’s where a 128GB SD card is most applicable – offering immense capacity to save all your important files, no matter how data-hungry your device or devices are.

Boost Your Device’s Storage Instantly

Use a 128GB SD card to expand your device’s storage significantly. A 256 gig memory card gives you a simple plug-and-play solution to massively increase your camera’s capacity. The same goes for tablets, laptops, and more devices that have an SD slot. Just insert the card and immediately get access to 128GB of space.

Portable Storage for All Your Files

An SD card is the ultimate portable drive, allowing you to easily store and transfer documents, photos, videos, music, and any other files between all your devices. At 128GB, it provides supremely high capacity storage that fits in your pocket. It’s the ideal storage solution for backing up your data or keeping a massive media library on-the-go.

Record Hours of High Quality Video

As recording high-res video can consume storage at a startling rate, high capacity 128GB SD cards are more common than before. 4K, 8K, and high frame rate video requires immense memory card space. A 128GB SD card is perfect for videographers, allowing them to record hours of premium footage without running out of room. It provides enough space to capture an entire event, travel adventure, or professional video shoot on a single card.

Take As Many Photos As You Want

For photographers, both professional and amateur, high-megapixel image files or high bitrate video files are storage hogs. A 128GB SD card gives significant freedom to shoot photos and video without worrying about maxing out storage space. You can shoot in bursts without limits and never need to swap cards during perfect photo moments.

Extra Tips for buying a 128GB SD Card:
When purchasing a 128GB SD card, look for terms like “high speed”, “Class 10”, “UHS”, and specifics on read/write speeds. For video recording and photography burst modes, faster cards are essential. Look for a card that has at least 180MB/s. Also, choose respected brands like SanDisk, Samsung, or the EBS brand for reliable, high quality 128GB cards. Properly format the card and consider getting multiple 128GB cards to use for file backups and separation of your media.

With immense 128GB storage capacity, an SD card opens up endless possibilities for photography, videography, data storage and more. Browse the huge selection available to find the perfect high speed, high capacity 128GB card for your needs today.

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A 128GB SD card holds thousands of photos and hours of video. At 128GB, these SD cards are a very usable size without overspending. Beyond its primary use in cameras, the 128GB SD card has found applications in various other devices, including trail cameras, tablets, gaming consoles, and even medical devices or industrial equipment. This versatility allows users to transfer and store files in a convenient and cost effective way.  Additionally, the ever-increasing demand for high-resolution files and media has made these high-capacity storage solutions unavoidable for creators, enthusiasts, professionals, and industry workers in all careers. We sell 128GB SD cards at wholesale price, no minimum order quantity, and with bulk discounts.