MicroSD 32GB

There are some things to consider when purchasing a 32GB MicroSD card. You’ve already determined you are interested in a MicroSD card, but now, considerations like what brand, what speed, and how many are your next steps.

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Why Buy a 32GB MicroSD Card?

BulkMemoryCards stocks many brands of 32GB MicroSD cards, so you have plenty to choose from. Because we have a large selection of 32GB MicroSD cards, we also carry a large variety of speeds and classes. And finally, when it comes to how many, BulkMemoryCards offers special bulk discount options on all our products. A Micro SD card will be a great fit for many purposes, here are some details that will help when shopping for a 32GB SD card micro.

What Brands for a 32GB MicroSD Card?

BulkMemoryCards carries several brands of 32GB MicroSD cards. The SanDisk 32GB Micro SD card is among the most popular. There are many models we sell.

The SanDisk MicroSD card Extreme and Extreme Pro model are two of our best performing cards and we recommend pairing them with any GoPro Hero Black Action camera or DJI Mavic Drone. The SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card Ultra is another great MicroSD card for Amazon Fire tablet or Wyze security camera.

A MicroSD card from Kingston may be a great fit for you. Kingston 32GB MicroSD cards tend to be cheaper than their SanDisk equal. As far as it is known, there is no quality difference between these two competitors. Kingston MicroSD card may just be a better option at a lower price, but people know and prefer the SanDisk brand.

32GB Samsung MicroSD card is very similar. Often the Samsung 32GB MicroSD card will be less expensive than a SanDisk model while boasting great tested quality and speed.


Regarding speed, there are several ways to measure the speed of a MicroSD card. A MicroSD card has many speed measurements including speed class, UHS class, and Video speed class. MicroSD cards have an additional measurement that SD cards do not. IOPS or Input and Output Operations Per Second is another way to measure the speed of a 32GB MicroSD Card. When buying a 32GB MicroSD card take into consideration what device you are putting it into. A 32GB MicroSD card for Raspberry Pi needs at least a Class 10 rating. A 32GB MicroSD card for GoPro should be V30, same for a DJI Drone.


BulkMemoryCards specializes in quantity. We offer bulk discounts and wholesale pricing for all of our MicroSD cards. Whether you are buying 10, 100, or 1000, we have price breaks at each interval. Get bulk discounts for 32GB MicroSD cards at BulkMemoryCards.com and save with wholesale pricing.