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Buying SD & USB Wallets in Bulk
It is best to use memory card and flash drive wallets when you utilize more than 1 or 2 drives at any given time. The protective cases allow you to carry multiple SD cards and microSD cards, including adapters, in one simple case. Carry different purposed USB drives of varying sizes in one simple protective case instead of digging through a bag looking for a specific USB or SD card. Wallets make it easier to locate a specific drive or card because of their more organized designs.

Storage wallets hold 6 USB sticks or more depending on the wallet. SD wallets can easily handle 18 cards. Some wallets even have elastic bands to store charging cables and memory card readers. Soft wallets are perfect for flash drives, and hard cases are great for protecting SD cards. Waterproof cases and more durable rugged cases are necessary when traveling or on location with unexpected weather conditions. Durable hard wallets clamp closed with either a hard plastic or aluminum shell and rubber seal, while nylon and other soft fabric wallets use a more simple zipper to enclose the case. For order quantities of 10 – 50 – 100 – 500 – 1000, bulk purchase discounts are available.