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Micro SD Class 10

A micro secure digital (SD) card is a very small, versatile memory card designed to be used in small devices, like smart phones. Most people won’t recognize differences from standard SD memory cards other than their physical size—a micro SD card is about the size of a fingernail.

While designed for small devices, micro SD cards can be used in many devices by placing them in an adapter. The adapter is the same size and design of a standard SD card. This allows you to use micro SD cards in ports of tablets and laptops as needed. For example, a micro SD card used in a digital camera can then be placed into an adapter to download the photo digital files onto a laptop for storage and editing.

Write speeds for micro SD cards are equivalent to standard SD cards. The micro SD Class 10 memory card uses a write speed of 10 MB per second, a significantly faster write speed over the Class 4 micro cards. Faster write speed makes a difference when rapidly capturing large numbers of photos or shooting extended HD video. Class 10 cards can handle the need for fast write speeds for capture and replay on all devices. The faster capabilities of the Class 10 micro SD cards are ideal for professional photographers and videographers.

As noted before, don’t let the tiny size fool you when selecting a micro SD card for a digital storage option. Most smartphones will have a maximum add-on storage capacity of 32 gigabytes (GB). This falls well within the storage range of a micro SD card which can be purchased in storage sizes up to several terabytes (TB).

A large GB or TB storage card won’t work in a smartphone, but it can work in high-end digital cameras. This means you can capture and store significantly more digital data in one tiny card. For example, a 128 GB micro SD Class 10 card can hold more than 20,000 images captured at 20 megapixels (MP) and 320 minutes of HD video. Class 10 micro SD cards can be purchased in 256 GB or even 400 GB. Keep in mind that one TB is the same as 1,000 GB, or almost 10 times the size of 128 GB.

With that much data on one micro card, simply place it in an adapter, plug it into your laptop SD port, and go have lunch while it all downloads to your hard drive. To use the card again, simply erase or reformat the card for use in your digital still camera or video recorder.

A micro SD Class 10 memory card can really extend the storage capacity of smartphones with cards in sizes 16 GB or 32 GB. The Class 10 card write speed adds even more ability to quickly capture photos and videos in real time. For high-end digital cameras or camcorders and even laptops, micro SD Class 10 cards can deliver exceptionally expanded levels of digital data capture and storage up to several TB.

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