Memory Card Readers

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Buying Memory Card Readers in Bulk
One of the fastest ways to upload data via memory cards is from a multi-card memory card reader. Memory card readers access the USB drive via a flash drive with slots built in to read the various SD card sizes. Micro SD cards even have small micro SD to USB readers available. The more popularly reviewed are the multi card readers, the best of which maintain the integrity of each SD card’s read and write speeds ensuring no corruption occurs to the files being transferred. Each reader will differ based on the available slots to read cards in addition to the USB compatibility. On order quantities of 10 – 50 – 100 – 500 – 1000, bulk purchase discounts are available.

Why Use Memory Card Readers?

These readers allow you to access your SD card and micro SD card data via any USB port. This enables you to print documents or images directly from the SD card, that way you can share content more easily when a device does not support the SD cards. In the case of backing up cards, you can contain the action to the reader by utilizing a multi card reader and bypass uploading to the computer entirely. They also support microSD, SD, and MSPD cards.