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When you need to snap a few photos, maintain a large music playlist, or grab a quick memory video, the Secure Digital (SD) Class 4 standard memory card is the place to start.
These memory cards are designed for speed and storage capacity and are a reliable option to help keep your digital world in order.

For many electronic devices, the SD Class 4 memory card has become an everyday option produced by all major manufacturers. Always check the minimum card requirements for the device you are using. Which card is best varies based on the device, proper card size, and intended use.

SD Class 4 cards have a minimum write speed of 4 MB per second. By comparison, SD Class 10 cards have a faster write speed of 10 MB per second. Write speed helps you determine which class of memory card is best suited for your individual use.

The Class 4 memory card is fast enough for most uses, from snapping digital photos to watching videos. This speed can handle video recording as well. As devices have advanced in technology and capability, the Class 4 cards have become the minimum standard for storage. Unless you are using a memory card in a professional capacity with a high-end device, such as a high-definition video recorder, write speeds won’t be an issue. Class 4 cards are adequate for most consumer use.

Once you decide the best write speed of your memory card, you should estimate how much digital storage you will need. Common storage capacity for Class 4 cards range from 8 GB to 32 GB. These cards can really pack away the digital files. For instance, a 16 GB Class 4 card can hold thousands of high-quality still digital images and several hours of standard digital video.

When deciding on storage capacity, consider purchasing several smaller cards to use so if one fails, you’ll still have the remainder of your digital files saved.

Each memory card manufacturer marks cards with standard labeling for speed and storage. Look on the card label for speed and storage capacity. An 8 GB card isn’t going to hold quality video recordings from a family vacation. Make sure you have a card with the necessary storage capacity.

Memory cards today are used in a wide array of devices, including smart phones, still and video cameras, and tablets. There is always a need for more digital storage, and it’s best not to run short. We offer bulk purchase discounts on order quantities of 10 – 50 – 100 – 500 – 1,000 memory cards. Contact us now to take advantage of our affordable pricing to ensure you have all the digital memory you will need.