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Micro SD Class 4

It’s all about size when it comes to the micro secure digital (SD) memory card. Micro cards are physically much smaller than standard SD cards while providing fast write speed and digital storage required by today’s electronic devices.

Micro SD cards are mostly used in smaller electronic devices because of their tiny size. They can be used in devices accepting standard size SD cards by placing them in an adapter which fits into a standard SD card slot. Placing micro SD cards in an adapter is common for use with tablets and other computers.

The tiny size of micro SD cards matches the slim features of most cellular or smart phones. Many of these devices only accept memory cards with certain maximum storage capacity. This storage limitation is mirrored by micro SD cards which generally fall into the 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB sizes. Larger storage size is available, but first check compatibility with your device before use.

Like the larger SD cards, micro SD Class 4 memory cards have a write speed of 4 MB per second. This write speed is generally acceptable for most personal photos, video recordings, or other data storage from a smartphone. By comparison, write speed for micro SD Class 10 memory cards is 10 MB per second. The difference in speed likely won’t be noticed by the average user snapping selfies. Video recordings may show a “lag” when replayed if the memory card write speed doesn’t match the quality of the video. A Class 4 memory card may be slower than expected when replaying an HD video.

Larger storage capacity, say 16 GB or 32 GB, is convenient for anyone wanting an extra memory card in a smartphone. These cards can hold more video and thousands more photos than standard-issue memory for a smartphone. Just be sure to regularly download these digital memories onto a separate storage device for safe keeping. You don’t want all that precious digital data getting destroyed the first time your expensive phone gets dropped into a sink full of water.

Also remember to format the micro SD card before its first use. These memory cards are designed to store data then transfer the information to something more permanent such as a computer or external hard drive. Once data is safely transferred, you can erase the memory card and take advantage of its full storage capacity. You can repeat this process indefinitely. Anyone regularly recording video on their phone will soon realize they will need to transfer saved videos because of the amount of space used for storage.

Anyone enjoying the photo and video capabilities of their smartphone discovers they want expanded digital storage. There is no need to limit your digital storage options. We offer bulk purchase discounts on order quantities of 10 – 50 – 100 – 500 – 1,000 memory cards. Take advantage of our affordable pricing to make sure you have all digital memory you need. Remember, micro SD Class 4 memory cards can also be placed in adapters for use in larger devices such as tablets and computers.