Samsung is a worldwide company spanning industries that include computing, smartphones, appliances, and flash memory. Like Everything But Stromboli, Samsung launched in key markets as an underdog and grew tremendously. The company notes that more than 71 percent of all United States households own at least one Samsung product.

We’re excited to provide Samsung products as part of our extensive line of memory and storage. Samsung’s innovative determination pushes the boundaries in each technology line. The company has garnered numerous industry awards for design and engineering. Samsung continues to deliver flash memory – secure digital (SD) cards, micro SD cards, compact flash cards, solid state drives, USB flash drives – that meets and exceeds demands in the marketplace.

Samsung has a large footprint in giving back to the community with millions of dollars in donations to education, hospitals, veterans organizations, and non-profit foundations. The company has also invested billions of dollars over several decades in production and technology operations in the U.S.

Everything But Stromboli believes strongly in supporting the community as part of our company’s overall vision. Being able to deliver exceptional products from a like-minded company allows us to proudly offer these items to customers who trust us for quality. Samsung has the company strength to provide all requests for bulk ordering that we can deliver to clients.

The need for data storage for our customers continues to grow, and much of that data needs to be portable. Our bulk order capability for memory cards and USB flash drives from Samsung continues to fuel our business. All flash memory can be encrypted for specific users and flash memory cards or drives don’t have any moving parts to fail when being shuffled between users.

Mobile flash memory has many applications for internal use and promotions outside your business. Updated training manuals can be preloaded onto an SD card, and sales materials can be sent out as a bulk promotion on thumb drives. Anyone needing your company information can plug the card or drive into a computer for easy access.

Deciding on a memory card or flash drive usually boils down to storage capacity. The size of the data dictates storage, which dictates pricing. A large employee training manual in a PDF document won’t take up as much space as a video-enhanced sales presentation. We can help you with all these decisions.

Our data preloading, flash memory duplicating, and customized labeling services can be applied to bulk orders to make your ordering decision as simple as telling us how many pieces you want delivered. We’ll help you with any questions about customization or storage capacity for all our Samsung memory cards and USB flash drives.

Combine Samsung innovative products with our ability to deliver flash memory in bulk, and it’s another successful product offering at Everything But Stromboli. We can deliver Samsung flash memory products with bulk purchase savings in quantities of 10 – 50 – 100 – 500 – 1,000. Contact us today to get started.

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